Quickly the camp was meeting its aim of providing a high quality, low cost volleyball camp for students, who had trouble affording other camps that existed at the time. It also helped the boys program in Saskatoon. In 1989, the Mount Royal Mustangs won a 5A silver medal behind the dynasty that the Yorkton Raiders had built. In 1990 the Mustangs won the 5A title and Saskatoon Holy Cross finished in the top four.

These successes on the boy’s side led to the start of a girls camp in 1990. Carol Howlett, a long time girl’s coach at Mount Royal encouraged Keith to open girl’s sessions. She said there were lots of girls in need of a high caliber, low cost volleyball camp as well. The girl’s side of the camp grew rapidly. The girls have traditionally been broken into three groups; general girls (grades 7-9 depending upon experience); older girls (grades 9-10 depending on experience); and senior girls (grades 11 and 12).


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